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Retail Business Growth Consultancy 


Retail Growth, Business Growth Advisor
Helping you to grow

Whether you are in a growth market or facing trading challenges, there are always opportunities to grow - or to prepare for growth when the time is right. Whether you are looking for opportunities, evaluating them, or trying to implement them, are you taking the right steps now to secure your future?

"The future depends on what we do in the present"  
Mahatma Ghandi

What are your growth challenges?

Some of the questions we have been asked . . .

Growth in our existing markets has stalled. Which sectors should we target to achieve our targets?

What is the best retail channel mix for our business?

Should we grow organically or raise funds and how do we raise the appropriate finance?

How do we secure additional funding to get us to the next stage? 

Our competitors are struggling. How do we take advantage of their weaknesses?

Growth in our existing markets has stalled. Where do we look for further growth?

How can we help?

Brand growth, business transformation

Retail Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist in identifying and securing potential partners and help integrate new businesses to maximise operational efficiency.


International Retail Expansion

We work with companies wanting to expand internationally, be it into the UK or from the UK to overseas markets, providing market insight, competitor evaluation and identifying the best ways to enter the market.


New Retail Market Sectors

We assess the best way to enter new market sectors, be it to attract new customers, sell new products to existing customers or to sell new products to new customers.


Product Development

We help to identify new product opportunities from creating ideas through to sourcing, packaging design and launch


Retail Market Penetration

Increasing market share is a key route to maximising profitability. We work with companies to identify the best way to achieve this be it through more outlets, larger stores or new formats to reach new market sectors.


Customer Loyalty

Building and sustaining customer loyalty is critical in markets where customers have a plethora of choice. Whether it is a 'loyalty scheme' or a customer strategy, we identify the key motivations to maximise loyalty

Take a brief look at some of our projects

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