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Retail Strategy Consultancy Services



Helping you assess which direction
"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" said Alice.  
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to" said the cat.

Alice in Wonderland didn't 'much care' where she went, as long as she went somewhere. Most businesses care very much in which direction they go - but exactly where to go, when to go and how to get there are not such simple questions and need more practical answers.

What is your strategic challenge?

What is the ideal trading model for our international expansion programme?

Should we grow organically or by aquisition?

Which markets offer the greatest potential?

How robust is our business model?

How do we optimise each of our different channels?

How do we improve our existing concept?

Some of the questions we have been asked . . .

How can we help?

Retail Strategy, Long term planning

Strategic Retail Review

We undertake strategic reviews looking at all aspects of a company's operations, identifying the key changes required to improve performance.


Retail Strategy Development

We work with businesses to develop their retail strategy - from brainstorming and evaluating the multichannel options to developing a detailed business plan with clear and achievable objectives


Retail Strategy Implementation

We provide support to clients to implement their retail strategies - whether developed by us or third parties - working closely with client teams to ensure success.


Retail Market Entry

We help to evaluate new markets and to identify the best way to enter them, be it through acquisition, joint venture, franchising or organically


Retail Concept Development

Keeping ahead of the market is key in today's fast moving markets. We work with our clients and design agencies to deliver compelling retail experiences


Retail Due Diligence

We work closely with banks and investors to undertake commercial due diligence on prospective or existing investments, helping them to understand the risks and issues from a trading and operational perspective


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