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performance improvement
retail efficiency

Integrated buying and merchandising functions for a major high street retailer, generating additional profit of almost £30m.

retail strategy
social commerce, start-up, advice

Developed the retail strategy for a new social commerce venture, clarified the brand proposition and prepared detailed business plans resulting in substantial first stage investment. 

new distribution channels
pop-up retail consultant

Reviewed the channel strategy for a wholesale brand wanting to gain more control over its distribution. Considered retail options looking at both brand impact and financial returns.

retail training
retail mentor, business mentor

Provided retail expertise and training for a business whose retail shop was struggling to achieve budget. Identified key issues and mentored the team through a change process. 

brand positioning
fashion retail consultant, Teresa White

Repositioned a mature fashion brand including new product, powerful brand imagery and revitalised marketing, delivering a significant improvement in sales and brand appeal.

Secured funding for a new publishing start up by developing detailed business plans targeted at the requirements of investors.


growth funding
start-up growth funding
ecommerce start-up
ecommerce consultant

Set up a new ecommerce business in the household goods sector covering all aspects of a new business start-up from brand development, website build, commercial strategy, search optimisation and marketing

due diligence

Evaluated the likely impact on business of the loss of a flagship store for a retailer seeking compensation for forced closure due to a major transport development


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