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Brand Development Consultancy Services


Brand differentiation, brand positioning, Brand USPs

Consumers today are bombarded with information and brand messages. We help our clients build brands and achieve 'cut through' - from defining the brand essence to developing a more effective communication strategy across all channels.

"Strong brands are built when there is a clear and distinctive proposition and when everyone in the organisation knows their part in delivering that to the customer"


Helping you to stand apart

How do we compare vs our competitors and how can we build a more differentiated offer?

Some of the questions we have been asked . . .

What are your brand challenges?

What do our customers really think of us?

How do we grow our customer base?

I need a clear marketing plan to deliver on our ROI targets

Will our brand work in this market and what will we need to do differently?

How should I allocate my marketing budget across different media?

I want some help in briefing and selecting the right creative agency?  

How can we help?

Brand proposition, brand usp, brand strategy

Brand Strategy

Using internal and market data combined with consumer insight to understand your brand through the customer's eyes we help you to build a differentiated and compelling brand strategy.


Brand Positioning

We provide sound analysis and innovative thought to help brands develop a clearly differentiated market positioning in today's highly competitive markets.


Consumer Insight

We help to identify the gaps in consumer understanding, conduct research, interpret the results and recommend plans to secure the commercial benefits.


Brand Evaluation

Whether a brand is a strong or weak performer, embryonic or mature, we help to evaluate its relative performance and future potential.


Retail Brand Marketing

Effective brand marketing goes beyond advertising and promotions. We develop marketing plans aimed at building sustainable competitive advantage.


Customer Communications

From internal to external communications, above and below the line, we help to develop and implement integrated communications strategies.

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