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Case Studies - Abbey Road Studios

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Abbey Road studios shop

the client  

Abbey Road Studios are the most famous recording studios in the world and a global music icon with an unparalleled history spanning countless landmark recordings and many technological breakthroughs, from the invention of stereo to the wild experiments of Pink Floyd. Today the Studios continue to work with leading artists and major orchestras as well as being a sought after venue for music producers and film directors.


They are of course best known for being the home of The Beatles. Ever since the recording of their eponymous Abbey Road album nearly 50 years ago, thousands of visitors come from all over the world to the heritage listed crossing. They take their photo walking across the road and write on the studio wall, but much to their disappointment they cannot see inside the famous studios.

the challenge  

Unlike other visitor attractions, this shop would not be the exit of a tour it would be the tour. This would change the usual dynamics of such a gift shop. Added to this, the Studios are in a residential area, the shop would have little external visibility, low passing footfall, no facilities for group tours and no catering. With no museum or regular exhibitions, most visitors only come once.


The retail proposition needed to be commercial and tourist oriented but stay true to the core brand values of quality and innovation. It was also important to project the amazing breadth and depth of the studio's work (whilst bearing in mind IP and client confidentiality constraints) 

Abbey Road Studios shop case study
Abbey Road Studios shop, Teresa White
Abbey Road Studios shop case study

what we did  

Partners in Retail have worked with Abbey Road Studios from the very beginning on all aspects of developing the retail store, from concept to launch, including:


  • Evaluating the financial viability of a retail offer adjacent to the Studios

  • Providing Expert retail advice throughout the Planning Consent process

  • Translating the Abbey Road brand proposition to a consumer-facing retail proposition

  • Profiling the potential customer and forecasting seasonality, footfall, conversion and spend

  • Developing the store design brief and assisting the agency selection process

  • Leading product design and development, generating range concepts and product ideas

  • Building a detailed range plan and sourcing bespoke and licensed merchandise

  • Advising on store layout and display to maximise store appeal and productivity

  • Helping to “generate the goose bumps” through storytelling at point of sale

  • Outlining requirements for IT systems and short-listing supplier options

  • Preparing job descriptions and interviewing retail candidates

  • Producing a detailed retail operations manual

  • Providing ongoing post-launch support 

the results  

Since opening the store has exceeded our challenging sales and margin forecasts. Average transaction values and conversion are high and a clearer picture of the customer is beginning to emerge. Customers are delighted to have the opportunity to learn more about the Studios and to buy a memento of their visit.


Partners in Retail continued to support the team post launch, working on new projects to further develop the retail range, reviewing range performance and proposing and project managing additions to the visitor experience.

Abbey Road Studios shop, Partners in retail

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